I’m pleased to announce that TwynBrain has successfully entered the first round of the IBM AI XPRIZE.  TwynBrain is one of 142 teams to successfully apply to compete in this XPRIZE.  


TwynBrain will work on the grand challenge of improving the efficiency and productivity of mental health practitioners. Over the course of the competition, TwynBrain will build an Artificial Intelligence assistant that will work with frontline mental health  practitioners to help them deliver care by managing the free text of mental health records and documents.


It is envisaged that this will reduce the time spent reading electronic health records, increase the amount of relevant information available to staff and thereby improve patient safety.


Patients will also be spared from having to repeat themselves when seeing different practitioners as key information will quickly be available at the point of contact.


Lastly we hope that our approach will begin changing the way in which electronic health records are designed so that data can be entered in a more natural way, automatically structured and retrieved with minimal user intervention.


This project will build on the work already done in developing the Clinical Summary Tool.

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